How To Make Money With Two Tier Affiliate Programs

Most subaffiliate referral programs suck. Fortunately for you, we know a handful which don’t….

If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for any length of time, you’ll know that two tier programs often mean low-rent brands peddling poor products with worse payouts.

There are diamonds in the rough, of course. But where does a savvy affiliate find them? We’ve done the hard work for you, putting together a list of high-quality subaffiliate referral programs that are worth your time and consideration.

What Makes You Experts?

We have worked in the affiliate space since 2005. As such, we have years worth of data, contacts and experience with various programs to draw upon.

For instance – we were referred to one program below by a friend; that referral had earned him $7396.20 last time we compared stats.

Not bad for writing one email back in 2005, eh?

Furthermore, until recently we ran another affiliate directory (since sold) which earned money by referring subaffiliates to two tier programs.

What Makes a Good ‘Two Tier’ Program?

For each affiliate program listed, we have either…

  • Earned money recruiting subaffiliates
  • Earned money as an affiliate, and trust the program to pay
  • Seen subaffiliate stats from trusted contacts in the industry

We rather doubt our competitors who list 1,000s of two tier subaffiliate programs make similar efforts…

Which 2 Tier Programs Make the Grade?

What makes a two tier subaffiliate program that makes the list, you ask? Typically, we’re looking for high-CPA niches (like poker or forex), where margins are high enough to pay not only affiliates well, but subaffiliates handsomely too.

Alternatively, we’ve included some subaffiliate programs that offer lifetime revenue share. These are often on high-margin digital products where the rev shares offered make up for the low cost of the products.

In short: we’re looking for affiliate programs where one solid webmaster referral could realistically be worth $500+.

Without further ado…

Forex Affiliate Programs

Online traders deliver big bucks to forex operators when they deposit to trade on currencies, commodities and stocks.

One real-money trader can easily be worth $1000+, which means there’s plenty of money to go around to pay affiliates and subaffiliates alike.

Subaffiliates for Forex Trading

Here are some of the programs we’ve worked with and are happy to recommend…


  • 500 Affiliates
    Affiliate program for Plus 500, that let’s traders trade CFDs on forex, stocks, commodities & more (76.4% of retail CFD accounts lose money). Pays 10% on 2nd tier.
  • Easy Affiliate
    Affiliate program for Easy Forex, one of the world’s top CFD trading brands. Pays 10% on 2nd tier.
  • eToro Partners
    The affiliate program for eToro, the world’s leading forex brand. Pays 10% on 2nd tier.
  • Ava Partners
    Program for AvaFX, another huge brand in forex (FX) online trading. AvaFX also pay 10% for subaffiliates.

Casino Affiliate Programs

It’s no secret that online casino programs can deliver some of the highest earnings of any niche for affiliates. Fortunately for us, the same applies for recruiting your fellow webmasters to their casino affiliate programs.

Subaffiliates for Online Casinos

Poker Affiliate Programs

Poker affiliates are infamous for earning top dollar for referring players on lifetime rev shares or whopping $XXX CPA deals.

Why not get a cut of the action as a poker subaffiliate?

Subaffiliates for Online Poker

CPA Networks

CPA networks offer affiliates the chance to send traffic to CPA offers, such as ZIP submits and email submits, where a small action (like entering a ZIP code) earns affiliates a dollar or two.

While most CPA offers pay a fraction of most of the CPA deals on this page, they are worth investigating for one good reason: the most successful CPA affiliates send such ENORMOUS volumes of conversions that subaffiliates can still earn sensational sums recruiting them.

Subaffiliates for CPA Networks

We’ve earned $10,000s from introducing new CPA publishers to these networks…

Want to suggest a two tier affiliate program we ought to add? Please let us know.