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Aweber is one of the best known email marketing solutions on the internet. It enables the creation of sophisticated email newsletters that can be sent to thousands of subscribers. Aweber handles the entire process, from recruiting subscribers to producing the newsletter templates and ensuring privacy is respected at all times.

With Aweber, marketers can create complex logic where the right emails are sent out when users join and leave. The company also promises that more newsletters will be delivered successfully because it works so hard to keep spammers out of the system.

Additionally, Aweber handles unsubscriptions and bounces extremely efficiently so that subscribers are never bothered with unwanted marketing messages. Each email message is also scanned by Aweber’s sophisticated algorithms so that potential spam flags are removed prior to the message being queued for sending.

Ecommerce store owners invest in email marketing because the returns are always healthy, and the potential for affiliate income is therefore very solid. Aweber pricing is based on the number of subscribers; as the list grows, the subscription fee steps up incrementally, so the subaffiliate stands to gain a healthy share. With a range of apps, templates and RSS-to-email conversion, anyone with a website will enjoy the options Aweber offers.
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Why Promote Aweber?

Aweber is a well established name in email marketing: practically every marketer has used it, and it has few true rivals in its niche. Its plans are priced to offer businesses of all sizes sophisticated and affordable email marketing tools. We really like the fact that all features are available across all plans, and affiliate income is recurring as long as the customer is an active user.

Any Drawbacks?

Aweber’s pricing table isn’t the simplest around, since some plans are listed with subscribers and storage as separate items.


You’ll get instant notification of each sale via email.

  • Rev share: 20% on first tier, 10% on second tier (recurs)
  • Monthly Payouts
  • Payments by MoneyBookers

Key Products

  • Email marketing tools
  • Newsletter management

Affiliate Management

  • Contact: TBC
  • Email: TBC
  • Phone number: 1-877-293-2371

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