Rake the Rake Affiliate Program

Earn $$$ Recruiting Poker Affiliates

Poker is a lucrative game for affiliate marketers, and Rakeback Partners is one of the most prominent poker referral schemes on the market. The program pays out for first and second tier referrals based on the rakeback – the 5 per cent profit that the poker room makes from each pot.

Unlike other affiliate programs, Rakeback Partners gives affiliates their own microsite that can be easily themed from an admin panel. That means you don’t have to be a webmaster to be an affiliate, although the look and feel of the site will not be particularly customisable. Also, the sites can only be built in English.

Affiliates working with Rakeback Partners can choose which Rake the Rake rooms to publicise on their site. That allows a little flexibility when creating promotions. The affiliates can also pass on special offers and promotions to encourage their readers to give poker a try.

Overall, Rake the Rake covers the majority of popular poker networks, so players have plenty of reasons to sign up and start playing. The site also runs its own tournaments and claims that it dishes out more than $600,000 in prizes each month. Rakeback Partners makes it easy to profit from Rake the Rake; it even makes its PDF ‘user guide’ freely available through the site, although it’s now five years old.

Why Promote Rake the Rake?

Rake the Rake is a highly accessible program for non-technical marketers looking to start a new site. You don’t even need to know much about poker because the team has built a help wiki as well.

Any Drawbacks?

Negative commission is carried forward, unlike most other programs. This is a huge down side and should be factored in to your decision when you sign up.

Additionally, Rakeback Partners advertises some marketing strategies we wouldn’t recommend, such as ‘buying cheap links’. Don’t take all of the content at face value.

Finally, the support options are limited to a single contact form. There are no email addresses, phone numbers or Skype details to fall back on.


  • CPA: Not available
  • Rev share: Subaffiliate referral fee not specified
  • Monthly Payouts
  • Payments by MoneyBookers, Neteller, PayPal, Full Tilt account, Party account, Absolute account or UK cheque

Key Products

  • Poker

Affiliate Management

  • Affiliates must use the contact form to get in touch