SpamArrest Affiliate Program

Earn $$$ Recruiting Spam Prevention Affiliates

SpamArrest is a service that promises a 100 per cent reduction in email spam. The tool was originally launched in Seattle, Washington in 2001 and has become one of the go-to names in spam prevention technology over more than a decade. It uses an innovative, efficient and friendly verification system to ensure unsolicited messages are not delivered to the recipient but legitimate emails are delivered as normal. SpamArrest has its own data centres to handle the huge amounts of email it processes.

In order to eliminate spam, SpamArrest uses a patented system to intercept email and pre-approve any unrecognised email senders before their email is delivered to the user. If the sender is genuine, they simply need to click a link in the email and fill in a short CAPTCHA to verify their identity. Contacts that the user already emails can easily be pre-approved on the SpamArrest website, bypassing the verification system and ensuring that messages from friends and family always get through.

SpamArrest says that the majority of its users are in the UK, USA and Canada, but it is currently looking to expand into territories such as China, Japan, Germany and Norway.

Why Promote SpamArrest?

SpamArrest offers personal plans as well as an Enterprise plan for business; all paid plans are potentially profitable for affiliate marketers. In addition, referral fees are paid for three tiers of referred personal customers, plus two tiers of referred affiliates.

Any Drawbacks?

All commission payments are made in USD via check, regardless of your nationality.


SpamArrest pays out for three tiers of personal referrals, plus subaffiliate referrals as described below.

  • CPA: Varies, except Enterprise (flat $49.95)
  • Rev share: 10% of affiliate’s commissions
  • Monthly payouts (minimum $100 threshold outside US/ Canada)
  • Payments by US check

Key Products

  • Spam protection

Affiliate Management

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