Super Poker Affiliates Program

Earn $$$ Recruiting Poker Affiliates

Super Poker Affiliates is the affiliate program linking a clutch of essential poker tools in one convenient package. If you already market poker and casino sites, Super Poker Affiliates could be a great program to broaden your content and boost your potential revenue.

Super Poker Affiliates promotes the following five brands:

  • Texas Calculatem: A Windows poker odds calculator that’s aimed at beginners.
  • Sit & Go Shark: Tournament software for novices. Provides tailored advice and coaching during every game.
  • Calculatem Pro: A more advanced poker odds calculator that’s aimed at intermediate players; considered an upgrade to Texas Calculatem. Calculates pot odds.
  • Holdem Genius: An advanced poker odds calculator for experienced players. Installs an extra panel in the player’s Windows poker software to display data in real time.
  • Poker Crusher: Data and statistics about millions of real players so that users can choose ‘easier’ games and get the upper hand.

The odds calculators and virtual guides are marketed as a way to improve a player’s chances significantly, and Super Poker Affiliates backs this up with a raft of positive testimonials. The Windows tools sit neatly alongside the player’s regular poker software, making them convenient and potentially very profitable.

Why Promote Super Poker Affiliates?

Each one of the tools offered by Super Poker Affiliates is a good companion to affiliate marketing for general poker sites. Also, there’s a tool for every player across every level of skill. The tools are sold in two ways: for a flat fee, or given away as a ‘free’ gift with a poker deposit. Both sales result in earnings for the affiliate marketer; the money earned for the second method is higher.

Finally, once you’ve referred five people you can download the tools for free. That means you can try the software,write about it, publish guides or perhaps create video content showing how it works.

Any Drawbacks?

You must make a sale every three months to stay on the affiliate program at Super Poker Affiliates.


Please use bullets here and give CPA or revenue share figures/ranges, as well as how often they pay and all the key payment methods they offer (eg, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Wire Transfer).

  • CPA: $60-$80
  • Rev share: 10% per subaffiliate referred
  • Monthly Payouts
  • Payments by MoneyBookers, PayPal or Neteller (minimum $50)

Key Products

  • Poker odds calculators
  • Poker player statistics

Affiliate Management

  • Visit the website to contact the affiliate team.