How Much Can You Earn Referring Webmasters to Two Tier Affiliate Programs?

Sadly, like so many thing in life, the answer is: “it depends”

Specifically, on two things:

#1. Which Affiliates Are You Referring?

Your subaffiliate earnings depend on quality – not quantity – of webmasters you refer. One superaffiliate referred can easily earn you $XXk over a few years with the right program.

But 98-99% of subaffiliates will likely earn you $0. Zip. nothing.

The Pareto Principle in Action

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this breakdown from Peerfly.

Just seven out of 336 webmaster referrals generate almost all income from this program.

(We don’t send much traffic to Peerfly, hence the modest earnings, but their reporting illustrates the split nicely).

A few well-chosen introductions with serious affiliates will always, always, always outperform 1000 random signups.

(Trust us – we’ve learned the hard way…)

#2. Which Affiliate Program Are You Promoting?

Hold the front page: most two tier affiliate programs suck! And that means that you will earn little or nothing for referring even the biggest superaffiliate on the planet to them.

Your subaffiliate earnings also depend on quality – not quantity – of the programs you refer your webmasters to.

Our advice? Look for affiliate programs where the top tier payouts are biggest, because there is a bigger cake to share with subaffiliates.

For example…

In Conclusion

Focus on referring small numbers of serious affiliates to high-quality, high-paying programs, and you are on the right track.

Real-Life Examples

Here’s the rub – most webmasters earnings money from two tier affiliate programs don’t want to talk about it. And why would they? If you were earnings money pushing an affiliate program, you probably wouldn’t be shouting it from the roof tops either.

But we have managed to put together a few anonymous case studies from asking around industry friends.

Want to be added? Drop us a line.

Case Study #1: Our Team

The original inspiration for came about because we were earning $XX,000/year via subaffiliates (in fact, from some of the very two tier affiliate programs listed on this site).

Case Study #2: Shoemoney

Shoemoney aka Jeremy Schoemaker says

“[I] make a couple hundred a day from networks but its not from my link referals. Its because they actually said my name when signing up. I am guessing I am missing out on assloads of cash because I was a complete idiot and didnt use affiliate links with companies.”

Case Study #3: A Major Casino Affiliate

A contact in the online casino world tells us he earns $XX,XXX per month from subaffiliates referred to casino affiliate programs.

Case Study #4: A Non-Industry Friend

The highest single commission we know we have generated as a subaffiliate is $7396.20, by a non-industry friend of ours who happened to refer us to one of the programs listed on this site.